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Website Designing, Content Writing, Copywriting, Social Media Management 

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Take care of your social engagements - you will never have to worry about overseeing inquiries on your social media accounts! 

Create and generate more leads and audience for website and social media traffic. Everyone will be able to see what your business can offer!


Write powerful articles and content to market and advertise your products so it can reach your target and potential audience! 

Create aesthetically designed campaigns to capture the hearts and eyes of your viewers and achieve potential sales after that - and repeat order after another!


Manage your social media accounts. Keep you updated with reports of the performance of our established marketing and advertising strategies to identify where we will focus and where we need to improve to achieve THAT BREAKTHROUGH.


About Ellisian Virt​ual Professional

Ruby Ellaine, or simply 'Elli' grew up in a family with established culture of entrepreneurship and leadership. Her parents had her pursue Accountancy but the entrepreneurial spirit was so strong she transferred to pursuing Business Operations Management instead. She knew her passion is building her line of businesses all along. 

Her decision to pursue Business Operations Management (BOM) provided her training and skills to venture into online businesses she herself single-handedly operated. These businesses failed but despite of it all, she continues to get up and get going; and in each failure, she grows stronger and wiser throughout the process. Being a millennial and middle child at the same time has provided her the ultimate venue of growing as an ambitious, creative, courageous, and persevering entrepreneur. She wants to prove to everyone and mostly to herself that being a millennial is not just about the looks and the trends but the creativeness and aggressiveness towards achieving THE dream.

THE dream is to build her line of businesses to 1) help others especially those in need, 2) provide her family and future family the best life they can ever have and, 3) be JESUS to others so they can be to others too. 

Elli Evangelista

Ellisian VP

elysian (adj.) | ely·sian i-ˈli-zhən

1. Relating to or characteristic of h​eaven or paradise.
2. blissful, delightful.

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P o r t f o l i o 

Web Design and Deployment

Ongoing Project: X-Press Online Shop

- From Scratch Web Designing, Website Deployment and Management 

- Content Writing, Lead Generation Copywriting 

- Visual Content via Stencil, Fotor, and Canva

- Online Store Management and Assistance 

- Social Media Assistance 

Visual Arts/Content

Visual Arts/Content

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