10 Tips to become the BEST You in 10 years (or less)

Day 2 Challenge is all about sharing what I think I’ll become in 10 years – but instead of telling you all about myself, let me just share with you 10 things I do right now to become who and what I want to be in 10 years.

  1. List down your biggest WHYs. No matter how ridiculous or impossible it sounds, just write it. It doesn’t matter how long or short a time you think you will achieve it. It doesn’t matter how many. Just write everything your mind tells you. Look at it every beginning of the day. Reflect on it saying ‘ I will make these happen one by one each day.’
  2. Set Impossible Goals. Have a dream board and style it as much as you want. You can categorize them in to 5 categories – faith, family, financial, service, and career. (I got this from my Dad) Put a picture of your dream car and dream house; a happy portrait of your family; your face in a body that ensembles what you want to become in the years to come. Then post it somewhere you can see everyday.
  3. Pursue your Passion! By this time, I think you know what you really want to do in your life. Do you want to become a writer like I do? or an Entrepreneur? or a Youtuber! Whatever it is, do it. Just aim for it and do it. Know that you are loving yourself more and more each day when you decide to do what you love to do.
  4. Do something about it everyday. May it be a small or big step – just keep track of it. Write down what step you took today for your dreams. Did you finally finish the chapter of your novel? Did you let your friends know you are starting your own business and sell your stuff to them – see if they are interested?
  5. Stand up, Brush it off, Keep Going! Everyone makes mistakes! Do not be afraid to commit one. If you stumble upon a rock, it’s okay! Stand up, brush it off, and keep going! In every fall, you become stronger and stronger so let the failures come! You’ll overcome it anyway!
  6. Believe you can and you will. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Out of all the people in this world, you should be the first one to believe that you can achieve your dream! As what Cinderella always say, have courage and be kind. You are God’s most loved child – who can stop you now?
  7. Keep your eyes on the goal. Everyone has something to say. If you wear conservative clothes, people would talk about how baduy you are or how conservative you are. If you wear showy clothes, people would talk about how slutty you look. If you wear nothing, people would still talk about you. Point is, it’s a democratic world and people would say as much as they want to. Don’t listen any way. Remember, you’re too busy achieving your dreams! You don’t have time for telltales or gossips.
  8. Enjoy your progress! If you have achieved something, celebrate it! Treat yourself to something you are craving for a long time. If you feel like taking a day off, go take the day off! Don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t push yourself too much. Take the time off, do something which will motivate you – run a mile or eat an ice cream – doesn’t matter, then get back to work feeling energized & inspired. Enjoy the journey, dear. Don’t forget to have fun!
  9. Always give an extra. In whatever you do, always give 100% and an extra 1%. Write an article then share it to the your audience. Message people whom you’ve mentioned in the blog informing them about it. By then, you’ll just not increase your audience but make these people they’re part of your inspiration to achieve your dreams. Let your clients know about your new product then let them try. Add a personal touch and give them something they would appreciate in return of the time they spent for your presentation. Just things like these.
  10. Trust God and everything will follow! You have THE greatest lucky charm embedded in your heart. Keep Jesus in your heart and in whatever you do and everything will fall as you’ve never imagined – even better!

I wish you all the best in every dream you are achieving right now. I know that you will become the best YOU through all the years that will pass by and I am grateful to be part of that success! I’d love to hear your success stories in the future!




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