21 Things My 21-year-old Self Would Tell My 16-year-old Self

Day 7: Describe how different you are different from the person you were 5 years ago

Breaking the rules again – I find it hard to describe myself so why not give a list of the things I want to tell myself 5 years ago. Without further ado, here it is!

  1. Take your academics seriously. Even if you don’t understand a subject or two, still try to study and know it from a different angle. Eventually it will turn up and you will get it. Be active in recitations, in learning.
  2. It’s okay not to be number 1. I know that there are times that you won’t get the highest mark no matter how hard you try. It’s okay. You gave your best and you are better now.
  3. It’s okay not to be perfect. You have flaws you are worrying right now. You have many pimples, you have baby hair, you have belly fat, you don’t have enough money, you don’t have enough confidence, you don’t have pretty dresses, you don’t have expensive make ups. I tell you, it’s okay. Your imperfections are what makes you. They make you human and they make you who you are. You have pimples but you are still striving for your dreams. you have baby hair but at least you can smile at things, you have belly fat but at least you can eat and buy the food you’re craving for.
  4. Spend time with your family and friends as much as you can. Time is precious. You don’t know what can happen in an instant. This time you have all the time but soon you’ll have so many things to do and be very busy. Take this time to spend as much time with them as you can. Trust me, someday you’ll wish you can still do this.
  5. Give your best to all. Whether you’re just helping a friend, or doing a group project, or co-hosting a huge college event – do it always out of love and it will nourish you inside and out.
  6. Love as if you’ve never been broken before. Those who are strong to love are also strong amidst heart break. It will happen. You will meet people who are not worthy of your time but you’ll still love them anyway. You will meet people who will show you what it is to be love but they will still leave you – you’ll still love them anyway. I know you give away love as easy as giving candies on Halloween but that’s the good part about you. You love with all your heart. Despite the heart breaks, don’t give up on love.
  7. Sleep soundly as much as you can. Trust me. You need this. If you can sleep for 9 hours – sleep. If you can sleep more than that – sleep. You won’t be able to sleep as much as you want after college. Trust me because I just had 4 hrs of sleep last night.
  8. Do the things you want to do for yourself. Take that special course, pursue your dreams, learn something new, learn a new hobby. Do it even if someone is stopping you. Do it even if it costs you a heart break. Do it at any cost. Invest in yourself first.
  9. Join college activities. Attend the General Assembly, the math competition, the cheer leading competition, the quiz bee, the book lover’s day, attend as many college activities as you can without sacrificing your academics. Whether you’ll earn an extra point or not, join them!
  10. Appreciate everything, especially the smallest things. It may seem that the world is unfair to you sometimes and this is the time to reflect on the smallest things in life. Then you’ll realize that it is not unfair – you’re just not seeing the good things the world offered you in a day. You might not get something you want but something offered what you need – may be it a seat in the bus or even just a simple smile. Appreciate the smallest things and everything in your life will be wonderful.
  11. It’s okay to be hurt. The friends you will meet today will decrease incredibly over time. There will be friends who will betray you and leave you in hurtful feelings. It’s okay. Get up and keep moving. Cherish who will stay by your side because they will keep their word until their last breath. Let other people leave and take care of who will stay. Sometimes you will not to be able to reach what is required of you or you are not able to do a task which is crucial to the overall result of something you want to achieve, it’s okay. Start again and keep trying until you actually do.
  12. It’s okay to be heartbroken. Emphasizing this because you will encounter different heartbreaks overtime. There will be a love that you though would be the last, a love that you though would love you back, a love that made you feel the love you deserve – and every one of these failed. You’ll be broken, you’ll cry your eyes out, and it’s okay. Wipe your tears and get going. Life’s worth it all.
  13. It’s okay to fail. Emphasizing this because also because failures are part of success. You will fail and continue failing over time. But the important this is you’re getting stronger and better. The next time you try, you’ll surely succeed. So shake it off and keep going.
  14. Focus on what’s important. As what I’ve said, invest in yourself first. Never mind the other things – just focus on your goal.
  15. Focus on what you want to become in the future. Do you want to become a businessman? or a blogger? or an artist? or a entrepreneur? List a series of tasks you will do everyday to do something about your dream. Focus on the overall result and never mind what comes along the way. Heartbreaks? Failures? Rejections? Conquer it all. Don’t mind them. Just focus on what you want.
  16. It’s okay to be lost. You’ll be confused. You’ll ask many questions about what you are doing. It’s okay. Question yourself all you want and even try to find the answers through activities (travel). If you don’t find it, don’t worry. It will pop-up your head at the right time. It’s okay to slack off a bit and wonder  about your plans. After that, recover yourself. Keep going.
  17. Don’t mind what others say. Keep your eyes focused on your goal and keep your ears only to the voices that will help you along the way. Negative vibes are not welcome!
  18. Do the best you can and then take a day off. It’s okay to slack off after a day of hard work. Take the time off and relax! It’s okay to step out of your throne and go swimming once in a while. Not only you will regain strength from doing so but you will also find inspiration out of a refreshed mind.
  19. Nurture life. Dear, life is full of wonders. Enjoy it while it lasts. 🙂
  20. Someone will love you for who you are. Yes, someone will. That’s why I am telling you to never give up on love. Just love the best way you can every time. It will be worth it at the end. Don’t rush it – I know you’re asking ‘when?’ at this moment. Unfortunately, I can’t answer that. But I can assure you, it will be so magically wonderful you’ll know and feel it in your heart. All your being will be caught up in the moment and you’ll know it for sure.
  21. Remember that God is all. Through your success and hardships, God will always be there giving all your needs that any human force can’t give you. He will use people in your life to make you feel that He is there but when you feel there’s no one just close your eyes and meditate in His love. Let your body accept His embrace, your heart accept His love. You are His greatest creation and He will use you to spread His greatest gift to the world – LOVE.

PS. Day 7 came earlier than Day 6 because I’m currently brewing something new for Day 6 and I am taking my time for it. 😉 Keep in touch!

With all my love,



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