Annyeong Bingsu!: Ho Bing Korean Dessert Cafe

November 13, 2017

The Philippines is a tropical country and is well known for the wonders in its territory. It is also known for its humid weather all-year round and that’s why they have ice-based desserts, such as their local Halo halo and Ice Candy.

For years and years, Filipino culture has been influenced by many foreign visitors – from the Spaniards to the Americans. Our music, our food, our fashion – everything has been continuously changing. Today, we are greatly influenced by the Korean Culture.

Desserts & Culture

Talk about desserts & Korean Culture as an influencer to Filipinos – Ho Bing Korean Dessert Cafe brings Bing Su for Filipinos to taste!

Desserts That Will Surprise Your Taste Buds

Bingsu, or Patbingsu, literally means pat (팥) red beans + bingsu (빙수) shaved ice is a Korean dessert with sweet toppings like fruits, red beans, ice cream, or whipped cream.

It dated back during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1897) when, “the government office in charge of the royal ice box ― would share ice with fellow officials, who would enjoy it finely crushed and mixed with fruit for a granita-like dessert.” (Korea Herald)

I guess it has been a famous dessert since the 1300s. Variations of Bing Su developed through the years in the making and Matcha Green Tea is one of those variations.

For all the Matcha Lovers like me – the first thing you’ll look for in ANY menu is something with Matcha, Green Tea, or combination of the two. I know, I know. It’s okay, girl. Of course, I opted for Matcha Green Tea.

O M G, let me tell you one thing, Ho Bing’s version is screaming in flavor! The shaved ice is mixed with matcha powder topped with red beans, sweet potato, and almonds. Don’t worry, it’s not just full of ice. You get the same stuff inside the ice! (Dig, dig, dig to find the treasure!)

They also serve desserts with fruit toppings such as their Choco Banana. Ice shavings topped with crushed graham, bananas, mangoes, whipped cream, and choco syrup. It has also another layer of crushed graham in the middle hiding. 😉


Their Choco Brownies is not just a delight to the eyes but also to the buds! The shaved ice is mixed with crushed chocolate cookies, toppings are chocolate brownies, chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup. All the chocolate locos will surely enjoy this meal! This is actually their biggest serving which can feed up to 3 people.

See the difference of their regular size and large size; both worth their price!

See their full menu at Zomato

Ho Bing Korean Dessert Cafe

✪ 72 Jupiter Corner Mercury Street, Bel-Air, Makati City


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