Never Change, My Bests.

To my two best friends, You’ve been a part of my life and you will always be.
To Jed, you’ve always been the brother, protector, safe place to where I run to when the world hurts me. We don’t talk too much but when we do, it’s still and always the same relationship. We’re busy with the events happening in our life but deep inside we know that that connection is instilled Thank God you’re my best friend and thank you for always choosing to stay. I’m a stubborn one but you still choose to guide and care for me. Sometimes it feels like it’s a repetitive process with me but still you don’t mind. You’ve always been my safe haven. I’m sorry for all the events I missed and all the times I didn’t have the chance to spend with you. Now that you’re busy with your own life, I just want you to know that I will always and will ever be here for anything you need.
To Angel, my sister from another mother, my complete opposite yet the one who understands and accepts me as I am. You are the most wonderful, forgiving, and God-loving woman I’ve ever known. You give out all the love to the world and you deserve every ounce of it back. I always wish wonderful and great things for you; a nice career, a great guy who will love you as much as you deserve to be loved, a great future at whatever you dream of, a wonderful family to be with you for the rest of your life. I will always be looking out for you because I know that it’s my life’s duty to take the best care of you. God placed me in your life to guide you for the things yet unknown and to be with you as you surpass it all, like you always do. You have a kind and giving heart and you always offer it fearlessly to the world. I wish everyone would treat you the same. I wish everyone would know how pure your heart is; that you give 100% and always go an extra mile in everything you do and to everyone in your life. I wish no one would give you the hurts and pains of the world I’ve kept within my scars but this is where you’ll grow as strong as I am – or maybe even stronger. I can’t control that but I promise to be with you through everything.
To both of you, the best of all the people in my life, thank you for completing my life time on Earth. Thank you for always understanding and accepting me no matter how lost I was in the past. Thank you for bothering to shift me to right direction when I seem to be going the wrong way. You have my all. You will always have my all.

I am In Love with A Crazy Guy

P that P (Day 1.1): Explain Your Current Relationship

We met at a very lax and unexpected timing. I first heard his voice when I started my first work at the Top Real Estate Developer in the Philippines (yep, I’m that proud. Introduction should be complete, heh heh). It was yet the manliest and bitter sweet and smooth and husky and comforting voice I’ve ever heard. It felt familiar. It felt like he existed a long time ago in my life and now it’s the perfect time to meet each other again.  Let’s just call him Alden Maurer – because he looks like Alden Richards and Mario Maurer (in my eyes – jk, really) Not to be boasting about his looks whatsoever but he really looks like the mix of the two personas. I was still taken when we met – stranded with my ex and I was forbidden to do so many things and be friends with so many people. It finally ended and I was left broken – but I stood up as soon as I realized that I was better off without him. I became a free woman, atlast! Then that’s where we became friends. I started answering his texts and calls and we talked about everything. There was never a dull moment with him – until now. But I assure you our relationship was pure friendship, he was still in a relationship that time. I would cry and tell him everything my mouth could utter for my broken and lost heart and he would share problems and heartaches also of his relationship. Our experiences and hurts were the same so it was easy to understand and guide each other. Yup, we really started as friends and it’s the best foundation when you want a relationship that lasts. Take it from me, I learned that just now in my relationship with Alden Maurer.

Fast forward, January 7 of this year, under the dancing lights under the glimmering post-Christmas night, he asked me to marry him…. just kidding! He asked me to be his girlfriend. He was about to get into his knees but I stopped him – was too shy and was too kilig. So then, the adventure began! We’re turning 9mos on the 7th of October and we still have so many adventures to do!

And.. That’s just the introduction. Hahaha! So to explain my current relationship: It’s true what they say, the scars from all the hurts and the x number of times you fell on the broken fragments of your broken heart will be gone when the one who will make you feel the love that you truly deserve. You will start to realize that it’s worth it. He’s worth it. and that God has broken you over and over again so you can love him the way he also deserves and absorb the love He will show through him through your cuts. So that you will realize that God has prepared the best for you.

Our relationship is simple but it has mysterious and wonderful ways of making us feel loved and showing us how to love. It doesn’t compose of expensive gifts and extravagant dates (we even have a budget for our dates) but it has ambitious dreams and plans for the future. It is not known by many people but it consists of true friendship shared through laughter which made our eyes cry out of joy.

He’s my best friend, body guard, macho papa, sugar daddy, punching post, bite post, my one and only, the love of my life, and the one who I want to be with for each and every day of my life.

I am in love with a crazy, weirdo, funny guy and he’s all I ever wanted.

I love you, My Alden Richards and Mario Maurer.

Pursue that Passion (P that P): Prologue

On the 90th day before Christmas of 2017, I decided to take not 1, not 2, but 3 30-day challenges. It’s my first try and I want to really challenge myself so I am pushing myself to do such quantity. I am always a blogger at heart but I don’t have the discipline and motivation to write and write everyday. I am a lot like some of you, I still don’t have enough trust and confidence on myself and my talents. I tend to take the negativity inside eat me alive. People who know me very well will agree with this. But I am striving; I am writing and will write what I feel anyway. I think ending this year with a changed self would be a great start for the next year to come. This is the time to be courageous and take that step forward.
This is my step forward.
Be with me as I go on this exciting and challenging venture of my life.
Sharing you the 30 day challenges I picked.

For this part, I will be doing it in calligraphy.

Take a step forward and do it also!

First Love, First Lesson: Don’t Lose Yourself

September 22, 2017

The first time I fell in love, I mean really fell in love – not just puppy love or childhood sweetheart kind of thing – oh God it was awesome. It was euphoric. It was the kind of love story I would never thought existed.

It happened in 8th grade. Everyone knew everyone. You know there’s a new student when everyone talks about the same person all the time; everybody got the eyes on that new bait. There they were – two new boys for the ladies. They were brothers but they were both placed in the 9th grade. No, there are not twins. Yep, one of them was my first love. Let’s just call him A.

A is a Fil-Arab and from that information alone, you’d guess he’s a hottie. Yes, he is. He’s got the perfect features – the big tantalizing eyes of an Arab: the fiery dark-brown pupil, the naturally-curled eyelashes, and those perfectly shaped thick eyebrows. They always got this look saying: “Come on, you know you want to look at me.” Everyone did. They were the talk of the town for quite some time.


I knew they existed but they did not interest me in any way. I guess I was just not into that kind of thing. I was kind of gorgeous boy-hating because they would just bring serious heartache to anyone – they got to choose anyone anytime. Who wants that?

As uninterested as I was with A, he on the other hand noticed me. He’d always do small things for me to notice him but I never looked at him. He always walked in front of me hoping I would look up but I never did. For quite some time, he was looking for a way to get to me. He made one of his classmates come up and ask for my number but he did not text me after three days. I guess he was going with the “I want you so much but you have to have no idea how much” technique.

I bet you know Twilight Saga, right? Don’t hate. I hate the characters in the story – I hate how corny and unreal they are – but the love side is what’s keeping me very much into it. Edward Cullen would do literally anything to keep Bella alive. Bella’s heart will always belong to Edward. There was nothing that can separate them.


It was like that. It was nostalgic. It was too good for me. I felt like I had everything in the world. He gave me everything he ever had and I gave him mine. Everyone was envious of our love story. Everyone thought how perfect it was and why it wasn’t happening to them. It went on like that for months.

But I was blinded by the perfection of it that I didn’t see me losing my own self.

He redeemed himself by consuming whatever was left of me. I was living with the little love he gave me because he left me empty. That that perfection everyone saw hid the destruction he was doing to me.

Yes, it took the destruction of me to know that loving him made me lose myself in the process.

It was really painful when it ended. I cried for weeks and it took a lot of tough love from my best friend to regain myself. For the record, he was the one who broke up with me. His break up speech was him being a drug to me, that me being with him forbade me to be happy. True enough he was, but I was too stupid to want him back. We didn’t get back together and we don’t talk much to this day but we had closure.

Everyone longs for the perfect first relationship; the first and last. If I had the wisdom back then, I would’ve not chosen A. I would have chosen different or I might have just waited for someone else to come along. But I’m still grateful for my choices because I wouldn’t have gained the wisdom I have now if not from what I’ve experienced from him.

Who was your first love?

What was it like?

What was your first lesson in love?

I’d love to know! 🙂

PS. Twilight Saga references because we both liked Twilight Saga and he really looks like Edward Cullen except more Arab-y. 😉 


Why I Continue Blogging

September 21, 2017

My typical day would be waking up at 6am and reaching house at 7pm. I would then rest for an hour and be completely settled at 9pm. I would be so sleepy at 10pm and will end the day with just that. No time for writing or blogging or practicing calligraphy. No time for anything but rest for another repetitive day at work. But this time, I’ve decided to change the game. I started writing again and take it up a notch by owning a domain.

The question is, what fuels me to write and pursue my passion?

Let me just give you one main reason why I do it.

It’s because I find my flame in these people. My fire’s burning up when readers and visitors leave something like a little comment on my blog post so I’d know they appreciate it.

It’s because I find joy in helping others through my passion and God-given talent in writing that I know I am one step closer to success whenever I check these reports.

It’s because I know that with God breaking me over and over again in the past is because He wants to share me with this world. So I can share my experiences and guide those who have been lost to be found, and those who have been broken to be whole again.

Emma, UnicahPrincess, Marvin, and 1,800+ visitors from all over the world, thank you for the inspiration! I appreciate each and everyone of you.

PS. These reports are from my old wordpress blog & I omitted some parts of the comments for professional reasons. It is important to me because I was never an active blogger but I still receive great love from visitors and subscribers.



Elli xx



Dear, Love.

September 18, 2017

To my sunshine after the rain, hot bath during a cold rainy eve, cold sip of water in a hot sunny afternoon, mango in the middle of sushi, filling inside an oreo, sweet flowing chocolate syrup inside a cake – to the best and greatest grace I ever deserved, I am all and in every way yours forevermore and what ever goes beyond. I will always be grateful how God has timed your presence in my life – how, out of my sorrow, your voice slowly lingered through my being and swept away every glass pieces embedded sharply – oh you know how much I’m vulnerable. I always felt how rough it became – like the pavement where your hands slipped which made your skin turn pink, the x number times somebody carelessly pressed on my fresh wounds like they didn’t hear my cries. The moment you landed little soft kisses on my shoulder, everything felt blank. It was blank but it was not empty. It was blank but it didn’t hurt me. It was blank and you embraced me. With every moment your skin brushed against mine and your lips find mine, I dissolve in your blissfulness; and I missed the spot where it used to hurt; I missed the spot where it used to sting; Everything about me turned into perfectness, like what you brought to my life. Like what you are. And I am no longer me. I am all and will now ever be your other half.

You have all my love.



Cafe for the Unicorn Hearts: Amo Yamie Crib

September 5, 2017

a trying for the first time blog post

Like our page:


Situated at the heart of Malolos, Bulacan, Amo Yamie Crib Café brings all of its patrons the ultimate unicorn café experience!
From its interior design to pastries and brews – don’t forget the unicorn onesies, it will be a café visit which will make you feel the need of another visit again and again. This signage on their cafe symbolizes every location of branches they have. If there’s one near you, don’t hesitate on visiting! You will definitely enjoy your time there like I enjoyed mine. It was my first time to visit Amo Yamie Crib Malolos Branch and let me just tell you one thing, First Impressions sometimes don’t last forever. My expectations :

  • Drinks and Pastries are Pricey
  • Has a time limit ( 1hr stay; 1.5hrs stay)
  • Place is too small to accommodate the flow of people (it is near BSU and some colleges in Bulacan so expect the number of student patrons to fill the café)

I was wrong. Drinks are so much cheaper compared to Cafés I visited here in Manila and Cavite. I was already full for just Php59 – the ultimate student friendly price – and of course a plus points for the workforce (yay)! Their Hotdog Meal is a must try! Cheap but yummeh! Their pastas are also worth trying. Super cheesy baked mac y’all! This is their menu, you be the judge how extremely cheap their meals are! ♥ I actually prepared twice the price we paid for 6 people before the trip. Good thing the expenses were not big so we had the chance to visit another cool place nearby. It is designed to cater students so they have no time limit on staying at the café. You can stay as long as you want and of course order as much; whatever your heart desires. We actually stayed for almost 5 hours because we decided it was time to go since more customers were waiting for a place. Since it was a holiday, unexpected numbers of guests were flowing in. Let me just tell you how proud I am of this little princess. She achieved the Top 1 Rank in her Class. For that, she deserves a Unicorn Cupcake!!! Yay! Good job, Eyonie! Their Malolos branch can accommodate up to 100 people in their cute mini rooms. Have you seen how cute they are? Look! They got me excited throughout our time in the café – actually everything about the place got me teary-eyed. Sorry, I am a soft-heart when it comes to café aesthetics and unicorns and florals and pastels!! They also have a movie room which you can rent together with your peers. This is the highlight of the café. The unicorn onesie photo-op!!! You just have to avail their Unicorn Frappe (Bubble Gum and Strawberry Flavor for Php 149/ea) and you get to wear the unicorn onesie and take unlimited pictures! There is also no time limit for wearing the onesie so you can wear it as long as you want! ( I bet you won’t last an hour with the onesie on – sweat is real!)

To wrap it up, this is my rating for this cutie Cafe:

11/10 Unicorn Dusts





Yours, Elli  

Dates Under Php500: Mercato Centrale, BGC

February 17, 2017

I was craving for authentic streetfoods since I got here in Makati. Puro pang Rich Kid (RK) lang nakikita ko. No pagkaing bukid – them sumptuous chicken intestine, chicken blood, chicken feet, chicken liver, barbeque, everything chicken! I know my Mum wouldn’t like this when she sees this so let’s just keep it to ourselves, shall we?

Then I found this heavenly place.

Situated at the heart of BGC, Mercato Centrale Group brings the ultimate foodtrip in Global City! (And it’s very affordable)

Yumyumyum! 3 for Php 100; pick anything from isaw, dugo, hotdog or barbeque!

Takoyaki for Php70!

Bacon BBQ for Php 25 each!

They even have stalls for Koreaboos ❤️

Happy Tummy & Cravings Satisfied for just Php275! Visit Mercato Centrale and endulge in a new & exciting dining experience.

Mercato Centrale FB Page

Healthy and Fresh Eats @ Gourmet Farm’s The Dining Room

January 15, 2017

It was a rainy cold Sunday evening when we celebrated my 21st Birthday at the sophisticated vintage-themed restaurant in Silang, Cavite – Gourmet Cafe’s The Dining Room. We just sneaked a little family bonding to celebrate my special day with my little sisters before we head out to Makati.

Their place boasts its Lola’s House-feels theme: It’s like you’re at the house of Gran where there’s a lot of seats for incoming visitors (because everyone is her best friend), dance floor for dancing (every ballroom dance you’ll ever know), and yes ofcourse, there’s a loooot – like a looooot – of food.

It is a great place for every occasion – wedding or baptismal receptions, debuts, or even just like our small family dinner. It has a center stage designed for these events and loook at that sexy grand piano! (and the white lady playing it – just kidding, sissie!)

We were the only ones inside the restaurant so it felt like we rented the whole place just for my birthday! *kilig*


Now for the good & yummy part:


The ingredients for their food are freshly hand-picked from their farmland just beside their restaurant to which they offer scheduled visits so their customers can also appreciate their hard work put on planting to serve yummy eats with fresh and healthy ingredients.


This is Quattro Formaggi Pizza (Php 400) – Four Cheese Pizza with Roast Garlic. This is my fave pizza out of every pizza. Simple, yet so mouth-watering. Some pizza houses don’t get the right elasticity of those 4 cheeses but they (The Dining Room) topped it off! Their serving time is a little late than average because they bake their pizza just at the moment you order it (Just-In-Time). But mind you, it is worth the wait!


Another pizza just because. Meat Pizza (Php 450) – Italian sausage, ham, pepperoni, bacon in red sauce.


Mum always orders the healthiest out of menus – even at Restaurants where it is impossible to have any healthy food. She will always and always find something healthy out of anything. This time, she ordered Arugula Pesto Pasta (Php250) – yeep, healthy and weird stuff (which almost always makes you want to vomit). 


Gyro (Php350) – pita wrapped sandwich with chicken & vegetables in tzatziki sauce. On the side is lettuce chips which you can separately buy at their store just outside the restaurant. You can also buy various dips & dressings (ranch, honey mustard, thousand islands) for these yummy babies.


Anddd my birthday cake!

Thanks, The Dining Room for an awesome pre-birthday Celebration!

Visit them here:

The Dining Room

The Dining Room Menu on Zomato

Keep on Dreaming | Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe, Tagaytay

January 13, 2017

There are so many beautiful discoveries the South can give you. I’m proud to declare that I am a South girl and even now that I am currently living in Makati, I am still and forever be declaring that I am a South girl by heart. One of the crystals of the South is Tagaytay City which boasts its breathtaking view of Taal Lake. Along it are numerous lutong-bahay restaurants and cafes.

Me and my best friends heard of Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe when we were still in College but because we’re still traversing from Easy-Go-Lucky Kolehiyalas to Sofistikadang Working Girls we just managed to visit the cafe this time.


It’ a small place when you look at it from the outside – you would probably miss it when you’re on your way going up People’s Park, Tagaytay. It may seem like it but once you reach their doorstep, it will give you doses of euphoria.


The design of the place will give you homey and dreamy feeling and you’d never want to leave the place anymore! You can’t really stop from taking selfies wherever you want to and it will all be IG-Worthy!


Dreamland is one of the unique cafes I’ve visited. For one, how the people behind it incredibly thought of its theme and how they’d design the place so original that it will give its patrons a whole different feeling. They have materials you can borrow to draw and paint while enjoying a cuppa tea or having a full healthy serving of their pasta



They offer a wide variety of Hot and Cold Drinks – Non-coffee or coffee based, pastas, pastries, salads, and full meals for a very affordable price. We ordered these yummy food  – Hot Green Tea (served in a teapot; serves 6 tea glasses) Php 100, Hot Chocolate Php 100, Hot Kalamansi Php 60, Meaty Spaghetti Php 170, S’mores (I can’t remember the price but it’s around Php 100-200 also). We thought it wouldn’t be enough for us but suprisingly we were all so full once we finished all of it. Yum!


Dreamland Cafe is a must-visit Cafe – coming from a girl from the South. I reside 30 minutes away from Tagaytay and my family and I always go up Tagaytay to eat out and there are restaurants I get bored to even visit again. Not this cafe. I would never get tired of visiting & dreaming inside this little nostalgic palace.

This is where my best friends and I renewed our vows after not seeing each other for quite a while. It will always be a memorable place for us.

Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe – Tagaytay Facebook Page

Dreamland Arts & Cafe Menu on Zomato