Cafe for the Unicorn Hearts: Amo Yamie Crib

September 5, 2017

a trying for the first time blog post

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Situated at the heart of Malolos, Bulacan, Amo Yamie Crib Café brings all of its patrons the ultimate unicorn café experience!
From its interior design to pastries and brews – don’t forget the unicorn onesies, it will be a café visit which will make you feel the need of another visit again and again. This signage on their cafe symbolizes every location of branches they have. If there’s one near you, don’t hesitate on visiting! You will definitely enjoy your time there like I enjoyed mine. It was my first time to visit Amo Yamie Crib Malolos Branch and let me just tell you one thing, First Impressions sometimes don’t last forever. My expectations :

  • Drinks and Pastries are Pricey
  • Has a time limit ( 1hr stay; 1.5hrs stay)
  • Place is too small to accommodate the flow of people (it is near BSU and some colleges in Bulacan so expect the number of student patrons to fill the café)

I was wrong. Drinks are so much cheaper compared to Cafés I visited here in Manila and Cavite. I was already full for just Php59 – the ultimate student friendly price – and of course a plus points for the workforce (yay)! Their Hotdog Meal is a must try! Cheap but yummeh! Their pastas are also worth trying. Super cheesy baked mac y’all! This is their menu, you be the judge how extremely cheap their meals are! ♥ I actually prepared twice the price we paid for 6 people before the trip. Good thing the expenses were not big so we had the chance to visit another cool place nearby. It is designed to cater students so they have no time limit on staying at the café. You can stay as long as you want and of course order as much; whatever your heart desires. We actually stayed for almost 5 hours because we decided it was time to go since more customers were waiting for a place. Since it was a holiday, unexpected numbers of guests were flowing in. Let me just tell you how proud I am of this little princess. She achieved the Top 1 Rank in her Class. For that, she deserves a Unicorn Cupcake!!! Yay! Good job, Eyonie! Their Malolos branch can accommodate up to 100 people in their cute mini rooms. Have you seen how cute they are? Look! They got me excited throughout our time in the café – actually everything about the place got me teary-eyed. Sorry, I am a soft-heart when it comes to café aesthetics and unicorns and florals and pastels!! They also have a movie room which you can rent together with your peers. This is the highlight of the café. The unicorn onesie photo-op!!! You just have to avail their Unicorn Frappe (Bubble Gum and Strawberry Flavor for Php 149/ea) and you get to wear the unicorn onesie and take unlimited pictures! There is also no time limit for wearing the onesie so you can wear it as long as you want! ( I bet you won’t last an hour with the onesie on – sweat is real!)

To wrap it up, this is my rating for this cutie Cafe:

11/10 Unicorn Dusts





Yours, Elli  


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