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CafExclusive: First Look on Cafe Plus Dasma

December 24, 2017

The City of Dasmarinas at the heart of Cavite is indeed booming with innovations after innovations of coffee shops and restaurants. These kinds of start-ups are the business trends nowadays. No wonder why entrepreneurs from all over the world choose to start their own in the Philippines: Filipinos love to eat – And, of course, – Filipinos welcome any kind of innovations especially when Filipino taste is combined with other international taste!

Two courageous beauty-and-brains Taiwanese darlings dared to start their own in the Philippines!

Pipi and I met online. She just added me on the page of their coffee shop which she actually runs herself! – Coffee Plus

(Try to send them a heartwarming message or inquiry about their business and she’ll surely reply to you! ♥)

They were posting pieces of the progress of their shop from scratch (cement and hollow blocks) to a small but comfy place that it is right now. Something was getting my attention every time they’re posting online and I took one courageous step to ask them if they could tell me about their business and how they started. Without any hesitations, they agreed!

Hey, start-ups are always great and as long as it’s run by passion and perseverance, I believe it will succeed!

This was my first visit on their shop. It’s a small place from the outside – but what they did with the interior is astonishing! I was able to meet Connie, Pipi’s business partner, and she’s as bubbly and welcoming as Pipi (even when I am only able to talk to her online 😉 ) We met at a very time-constraint event but we were able to talk about almost all of there is to talk about heh, heh!

Their flavors feature a mix of Taiwanese flavor and Filipino Flavor – they also feature Korean-inspired flavors since Filipinos are into it nowadays. (Talk about K-drama and K-pop invasion!) This is Hazelnut Frappe, and the other one is Citrus Frappe (I think, can’t remember the name but it’s a perfect combination of citrus-y flavors: perfect for an everyday drink here in this tropical island of the Philippines ).  I was able to take a bite of their yummy Chocolate and Korean Honey Apple Tea waffles – ordinary waffles made extraordinary with their mouthwatering flavors!

See, I told you they did an amazing job with their interior!

Prices are also very, very affordable! Their staff are also very friendly and accommodating – never imagined a small place offer so much. And it’s a start-up! 😉  

They’ve got a lot more new exciting flavors you must try! I’ve been to a lot of coffee shops but their flavors actually surprised me. It’s a fresh new variety of cold drinks 😉

This is Connie, my now good friend – Thank God, we were able to get a two-fie with the limited time we got 😉 Hope to be with you and Pipi soon!

To Pipi and Connie, my new friends from NY, thank you for letting me be part of your success 🙂 I love to see your business grow as time goes by. My Cafe Plus experience was great and I am definitely coming back for more of it!

Visit Cafe Plus! It will be a worthwhile trip! ♥

Annyeong Bingsu!: Ho Bing Korean Dessert Cafe

November 13, 2017

The Philippines is a tropical country and is well known for the wonders in its territory. It is also known for its humid weather all-year round and that’s why they have ice-based desserts, such as their local Halo halo and Ice Candy.

For years and years, Filipino culture has been influenced by many foreign visitors – from the Spaniards to the Americans. Our music, our food, our fashion – everything has been continuously changing. Today, we are greatly influenced by the Korean Culture.

Desserts & Culture

Talk about desserts & Korean Culture as an influencer to Filipinos – Ho Bing Korean Dessert Cafe brings Bing Su for Filipinos to taste!

Desserts That Will Surprise Your Taste Buds

Bingsu, or Patbingsu, literally means pat (팥) red beans + bingsu (빙수) shaved ice is a Korean dessert with sweet toppings like fruits, red beans, ice cream, or whipped cream.

It dated back during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1897) when, “the government office in charge of the royal ice box ― would share ice with fellow officials, who would enjoy it finely crushed and mixed with fruit for a granita-like dessert.” (Korea Herald)

I guess it has been a famous dessert since the 1300s. Variations of Bing Su developed through the years in the making and Matcha Green Tea is one of those variations.

For all the Matcha Lovers like me – the first thing you’ll look for in ANY menu is something with Matcha, Green Tea, or combination of the two. I know, I know. It’s okay, girl. Of course, I opted for Matcha Green Tea.

O M G, let me tell you one thing, Ho Bing’s version is screaming in flavor! The shaved ice is mixed with matcha powder topped with red beans, sweet potato, and almonds. Don’t worry, it’s not just full of ice. You get the same stuff inside the ice! (Dig, dig, dig to find the treasure!)

They also serve desserts with fruit toppings such as their Choco Banana. Ice shavings topped with crushed graham, bananas, mangoes, whipped cream, and choco syrup. It has also another layer of crushed graham in the middle hiding. 😉


Their Choco Brownies is not just a delight to the eyes but also to the buds! The shaved ice is mixed with crushed chocolate cookies, toppings are chocolate brownies, chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup. All the chocolate locos will surely enjoy this meal! This is actually their biggest serving which can feed up to 3 people.

See the difference of their regular size and large size; both worth their price!

See their full menu at Zomato

Ho Bing Korean Dessert Cafe

✪ 72 Jupiter Corner Mercury Street, Bel-Air, Makati City

Massive, Delicious, Healthy, Irresistible Burgers | H.I.D. Burgers, Makati, PH

October 7, 2017

Makati is known as the Central Business District of Manila. It caters a lot of BPO, Real Estate, and Consulting Businesses. Given these facts, almost 80% of the population live and/or work in Makati. Hence, the traffic. Hence, the pollution. Despite all that, the city still offers great experience in food and beverage places with numerous innovative food businesses around the area.

I am a South girl and I will always be. I just have to live in Makati because my body doesn’t carry enough energy to come to work in Makati (now in BGC) from Cavite and then vice versa. #CaviteGirlProblems Time after time, I am amazed of new discoveries by living here. I discovered remote places which offers quality Korean Food, Mexican Food, Street Foods (which I rarely see here). I also recently discovered a shortcut going to North BGC from Kalayaan, the infamous ‘Butas’ known to cater those who are late for work and offer petsa de peligro meals for all. For almost a year of living here, I only visited a couple of restaurants around Makati Ave. and Ayala Ave. because it still takes so much time going home even if you’re just less than 5kms away.

One of these excellent restaurants is Healthy and Irresistibly Delicious (H.I.D) Burgers. It is a small place located at Caltex Gas Station facing Export Bank in Malugay, Makati City. If you’re coming from Dela Rosa, it’s a one jeep ride going to Makati Ave. If you’re coming from Ayala Station/SM Makati/Glorietta, it’s also a one jeep ride going to Washington.


I am not a fan of burgers but H.I.D Burgers taught me how to love ’em. With just 250php, you have a sumptuous meaty burger and potato wedges which will make you forget your problems. It will instantly be a rewarding day with every bite.

Look at them hot buns! It looks small but never underestimate the power of a 1/4 or 1/3 pound of pure meat! It’s so delicious and savory you’ll not notice you’re just halfway through it but your belly is ready to burst. (Well I just had a 1/4 pound bacon & mushroom melt delivered at my doorstep for dinner (Thanks Foodpanda!) and I still feel heavy but I’m craving for more heh heh heh – I can hear my bae saying kakain ka nanaman, kakakain mo lang!)

I have been to many burger places influenced by people around me who likes them (or sometimes I go because it’s free) but H.I.D. ranks Most Affordable and Meaty of all. It’s obviously mouthwatering and suprisingly belly-bursting!

That weird looking burger was ordered by my Mom. She’s pretty much into anything healthy. Good thing they offer this so we can ask her to eat with us and don’t have to sneak out just to eat here. One more point for H.I.D. Burgers – Certified Mom Approved!

Bacon & Mushroom Melt – super duper meaty patty – can be single patty or double patty or 1/4 pound or 1/3 pound – however you like it! Double it up with sumptuous wedges. Oh, heaven!!!

Look at these piranhas!

Their eating faces show my ratings for this food hub!

And this is mine! Bacon and Mushroom Melt 1/4 Pound Double Patty  and that mouthful says it all! Homnomnomnom *strange noises*

If you’re looking for a great eat-out and you’re a burger kinda guy, you’ll enjoy your time here! I highly recommend HID Burgers!


Kremistry: The Perfect Dessert Experiment

October 1, 2017

Here’s a FACT that Bulacan wants everyone to know, it’s a booming food capital. Believe me, you’ll be spoiled with a lot of exciting and unique food shops around the Metro. When I first visited the city, I planned to visit only one unique shop and I ended up visiting 2 shops because they are near with each other. I already booked 2 more interesting restaurants suggested by my extended soon-to-be family Ate Marnie & BJ (thanks for supporting my food junkie adventures! Love you both!), just an FYI. As I was saying, there are countless unique food shops you SHOULD visit around Bulacan. Kremistry is definitely on the list! It is, honestly, the coolest – top of my list (for now) unique food place! You SHOULD and by that I mean, REALLY, REALLY SHOULD visit the place. It will science you out! (Is that even a legal verb?) Kremistry incorporated the use of liquid nitrogen on their dessert creations – mainly ice creams and tasty cake squares. Liquid nitrogen (also known as LN2) is a liquid state which is supercool (200 degrees celsius below zero). It is used for cyropreservation, cyromedicine, and cyrosurgery which can be used to remove cancer tissues. It is also commonly used to freeze benign groths, precancers, and skin cancers. (

Now, is it safe? It’s perfectly safe as long as you follow the rules! 

See that big tank on the right? That’s where the supply of LN2 comes from!

Look at their cool design and how mesmerizing they prepare their desserts! Shout out to all the science lovers out there! I’ll recommend this place especially for you! I was curious on what their desserts tasted like and how they prepared it so I didn’t blink when they were doing it!

And tadaaa, don’t they look yummy enough to dig in?! They’re too perfect to eat! Took me some time before I finally endulged and oh, it tastes like heaven! They also have unique flavors which you never thought can ever exist! Actually, you can choose 2 flavors for their ice cream avalanche (costs you Php 199; good for 3 people) They have a selection of which flavors combines best with what flavor. It will surprise you! Cake squares are also best if you want Instagrammable shots using liquid nitrogen as your prop (scroll down to see what we did!)

And… the fun part! Add liquid nitrogen and it’s winter wonderland! ♥

PS, the liquid nitrogen dip is refillable as many a times as you want!

Ratings: 9/10 Hits of Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream  



Cafe for the Unicorn Hearts: Amo Yamie Crib

September 5, 2017

a trying for the first time blog post

Like our page:


Situated at the heart of Malolos, Bulacan, Amo Yamie Crib Café brings all of its patrons the ultimate unicorn café experience!
From its interior design to pastries and brews – don’t forget the unicorn onesies, it will be a café visit which will make you feel the need of another visit again and again. This signage on their cafe symbolizes every location of branches they have. If there’s one near you, don’t hesitate on visiting! You will definitely enjoy your time there like I enjoyed mine. It was my first time to visit Amo Yamie Crib Malolos Branch and let me just tell you one thing, First Impressions sometimes don’t last forever. My expectations :

  • Drinks and Pastries are Pricey
  • Has a time limit ( 1hr stay; 1.5hrs stay)
  • Place is too small to accommodate the flow of people (it is near BSU and some colleges in Bulacan so expect the number of student patrons to fill the café)

I was wrong. Drinks are so much cheaper compared to Cafés I visited here in Manila and Cavite. I was already full for just Php59 – the ultimate student friendly price – and of course a plus points for the workforce (yay)! Their Hotdog Meal is a must try! Cheap but yummeh! Their pastas are also worth trying. Super cheesy baked mac y’all! This is their menu, you be the judge how extremely cheap their meals are! ♥ I actually prepared twice the price we paid for 6 people before the trip. Good thing the expenses were not big so we had the chance to visit another cool place nearby. It is designed to cater students so they have no time limit on staying at the café. You can stay as long as you want and of course order as much; whatever your heart desires. We actually stayed for almost 5 hours because we decided it was time to go since more customers were waiting for a place. Since it was a holiday, unexpected numbers of guests were flowing in. Let me just tell you how proud I am of this little princess. She achieved the Top 1 Rank in her Class. For that, she deserves a Unicorn Cupcake!!! Yay! Good job, Eyonie! Their Malolos branch can accommodate up to 100 people in their cute mini rooms. Have you seen how cute they are? Look! They got me excited throughout our time in the café – actually everything about the place got me teary-eyed. Sorry, I am a soft-heart when it comes to café aesthetics and unicorns and florals and pastels!! They also have a movie room which you can rent together with your peers. This is the highlight of the café. The unicorn onesie photo-op!!! You just have to avail their Unicorn Frappe (Bubble Gum and Strawberry Flavor for Php 149/ea) and you get to wear the unicorn onesie and take unlimited pictures! There is also no time limit for wearing the onesie so you can wear it as long as you want! ( I bet you won’t last an hour with the onesie on – sweat is real!)

To wrap it up, this is my rating for this cutie Cafe:

11/10 Unicorn Dusts





Yours, Elli  

Dates Under Php500: Mercato Centrale, BGC

February 17, 2017

I was craving for authentic streetfoods since I got here in Makati. Puro pang Rich Kid (RK) lang nakikita ko. No pagkaing bukid – them sumptuous chicken intestine, chicken blood, chicken feet, chicken liver, barbeque, everything chicken! I know my Mum wouldn’t like this when she sees this so let’s just keep it to ourselves, shall we?

Then I found this heavenly place.

Situated at the heart of BGC, Mercato Centrale Group brings the ultimate foodtrip in Global City! (And it’s very affordable)

Yumyumyum! 3 for Php 100; pick anything from isaw, dugo, hotdog or barbeque!

Takoyaki for Php70!

Bacon BBQ for Php 25 each!

They even have stalls for Koreaboos ❤️

Happy Tummy & Cravings Satisfied for just Php275! Visit Mercato Centrale and endulge in a new & exciting dining experience.

Mercato Centrale FB Page

Healthy and Fresh Eats @ Gourmet Farm’s The Dining Room

January 15, 2017

It was a rainy cold Sunday evening when we celebrated my 21st Birthday at the sophisticated vintage-themed restaurant in Silang, Cavite – Gourmet Cafe’s The Dining Room. We just sneaked a little family bonding to celebrate my special day with my little sisters before we head out to Makati.

Their place boasts its Lola’s House-feels theme: It’s like you’re at the house of Gran where there’s a lot of seats for incoming visitors (because everyone is her best friend), dance floor for dancing (every ballroom dance you’ll ever know), and yes ofcourse, there’s a loooot – like a looooot – of food.

It is a great place for every occasion – wedding or baptismal receptions, debuts, or even just like our small family dinner. It has a center stage designed for these events and loook at that sexy grand piano! (and the white lady playing it – just kidding, sissie!)

We were the only ones inside the restaurant so it felt like we rented the whole place just for my birthday! *kilig*


Now for the good & yummy part:


The ingredients for their food are freshly hand-picked from their farmland just beside their restaurant to which they offer scheduled visits so their customers can also appreciate their hard work put on planting to serve yummy eats with fresh and healthy ingredients.


This is Quattro Formaggi Pizza (Php 400) – Four Cheese Pizza with Roast Garlic. This is my fave pizza out of every pizza. Simple, yet so mouth-watering. Some pizza houses don’t get the right elasticity of those 4 cheeses but they (The Dining Room) topped it off! Their serving time is a little late than average because they bake their pizza just at the moment you order it (Just-In-Time). But mind you, it is worth the wait!


Another pizza just because. Meat Pizza (Php 450) – Italian sausage, ham, pepperoni, bacon in red sauce.


Mum always orders the healthiest out of menus – even at Restaurants where it is impossible to have any healthy food. She will always and always find something healthy out of anything. This time, she ordered Arugula Pesto Pasta (Php250) – yeep, healthy and weird stuff (which almost always makes you want to vomit). 


Gyro (Php350) – pita wrapped sandwich with chicken & vegetables in tzatziki sauce. On the side is lettuce chips which you can separately buy at their store just outside the restaurant. You can also buy various dips & dressings (ranch, honey mustard, thousand islands) for these yummy babies.


Anddd my birthday cake!

Thanks, The Dining Room for an awesome pre-birthday Celebration!

Visit them here:

The Dining Room

The Dining Room Menu on Zomato

Keep on Dreaming | Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe, Tagaytay

January 13, 2017

There are so many beautiful discoveries the South can give you. I’m proud to declare that I am a South girl and even now that I am currently living in Makati, I am still and forever be declaring that I am a South girl by heart. One of the crystals of the South is Tagaytay City which boasts its breathtaking view of Taal Lake. Along it are numerous lutong-bahay restaurants and cafes.

Me and my best friends heard of Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe when we were still in College but because we’re still traversing from Easy-Go-Lucky Kolehiyalas to Sofistikadang Working Girls we just managed to visit the cafe this time.


It’ a small place when you look at it from the outside – you would probably miss it when you’re on your way going up People’s Park, Tagaytay. It may seem like it but once you reach their doorstep, it will give you doses of euphoria.


The design of the place will give you homey and dreamy feeling and you’d never want to leave the place anymore! You can’t really stop from taking selfies wherever you want to and it will all be IG-Worthy!


Dreamland is one of the unique cafes I’ve visited. For one, how the people behind it incredibly thought of its theme and how they’d design the place so original that it will give its patrons a whole different feeling. They have materials you can borrow to draw and paint while enjoying a cuppa tea or having a full healthy serving of their pasta



They offer a wide variety of Hot and Cold Drinks – Non-coffee or coffee based, pastas, pastries, salads, and full meals for a very affordable price. We ordered these yummy food  – Hot Green Tea (served in a teapot; serves 6 tea glasses) Php 100, Hot Chocolate Php 100, Hot Kalamansi Php 60, Meaty Spaghetti Php 170, S’mores (I can’t remember the price but it’s around Php 100-200 also). We thought it wouldn’t be enough for us but suprisingly we were all so full once we finished all of it. Yum!


Dreamland Cafe is a must-visit Cafe – coming from a girl from the South. I reside 30 minutes away from Tagaytay and my family and I always go up Tagaytay to eat out and there are restaurants I get bored to even visit again. Not this cafe. I would never get tired of visiting & dreaming inside this little nostalgic palace.

This is where my best friends and I renewed our vows after not seeing each other for quite a while. It will always be a memorable place for us.

Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe – Tagaytay Facebook Page

Dreamland Arts & Cafe Menu on Zomato