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Why You Should Love A Business Major

Day 8: Share your educational attainment and why you chose it

Who does not want to be loved? Whatever your major is or whoever you are, you deserve your forever love. I’m a Business Major (and also dating a Business Major) and this is a little biased but let me just tell you 5 reasons why we are also worth your love. 😉

  1. We just don’t plainly do it, we strategically plan it. Forever is feasible with us because we don’t just do whatever we want to do – we don’t love just for the sake of loving; We analyze every situation, consider every detail, and we plan and schedule every move (through Gantt Chart) to make you insanely happy and in love through all the times we’re going to be together. tumblr_oizi4xGDFu1vc125zo1_500.gif
  2. We just don’t plan, we make it happen. In business, trial and error has always been the best practice to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the company – what to change, where to improve, and when to implement. Dito palang evident na na we make do of something out of nothing. We turn something (successful or not) out of scratch and we always focus on its winning and losing points (SWOT Analysis) for focal points of improvement. tumblr_o2eflejUxA1twh39ho1_500.gif
  3. We just don’t make it happen, we strive for innovation and improvement. We always, as in always, seek for innovation and improvement in our work. We determine our weaknesses and turn it into strengths. We focus on continuously making ourselves the perfect fit for you (Kaizen). Dude, expect to receive the craziest, wildest, sweetest (the world will be jealous) efforts for you because we always strive for innovation.tumblr_njkmf5nIi81svl1j1o1_500.gif
  4. We just don’t make it fruitful, we implement and evaluate. Business majors will make do of every way possible to capture your heart every moment of your life. But we just don’t make it possible, again, we always pursue for continuous improvement.tumblr_o1br42w8mY1qj4315o1_500.gif
  5. We strive for perfection. We are trained to commit minimal defects per million opportunities (dpmo) (Six Sigma, Lean Management). This says it all. We want everything perfect and best for you – we WILL make ourselves like it; we WILL be it.tumblr_o1n5bisQap1smqfiko1_500.gif

PS. You don’t have to worry about us meeting all the important people in your life – we know how to deal with people – whatever their personalities are and how we should market ourselves and showcase how much we deeply feel for you (all yours, baby! Heart, Mind, and Soul!)  (Business Ethics and Good Governance, Human Resource Management, Human Behavior in Organizations, Marketing and Advertising Management) 

Why not love a business major so you can have your forever – defined, measured, analyzed, improved, and controlled? 😉 (DMAIC Approach) 


PS. This is copied from my old blogsite –

21 Things My 21-year-old Self Would Tell My 16-year-old Self

Day 7: Describe how different you are different from the person you were 5 years ago

Breaking the rules again – I find it hard to describe myself so why not give a list of the things I want to tell myself 5 years ago. Without further ado, here it is!

  1. Take your academics seriously. Even if you don’t understand a subject or two, still try to study and know it from a different angle. Eventually it will turn up and you will get it. Be active in recitations, in learning.
  2. It’s okay not to be number 1. I know that there are times that you won’t get the highest mark no matter how hard you try. It’s okay. You gave your best and you are better now.
  3. It’s okay not to be perfect. You have flaws you are worrying right now. You have many pimples, you have baby hair, you have belly fat, you don’t have enough money, you don’t have enough confidence, you don’t have pretty dresses, you don’t have expensive make ups. I tell you, it’s okay. Your imperfections are what makes you. They make you human and they make you who you are. You have pimples but you are still striving for your dreams. you have baby hair but at least you can smile at things, you have belly fat but at least you can eat and buy the food you’re craving for.
  4. Spend time with your family and friends as much as you can. Time is precious. You don’t know what can happen in an instant. This time you have all the time but soon you’ll have so many things to do and be very busy. Take this time to spend as much time with them as you can. Trust me, someday you’ll wish you can still do this.
  5. Give your best to all. Whether you’re just helping a friend, or doing a group project, or co-hosting a huge college event – do it always out of love and it will nourish you inside and out.
  6. Love as if you’ve never been broken before. Those who are strong to love are also strong amidst heart break. It will happen. You will meet people who are not worthy of your time but you’ll still love them anyway. You will meet people who will show you what it is to be love but they will still leave you – you’ll still love them anyway. I know you give away love as easy as giving candies on Halloween but that’s the good part about you. You love with all your heart. Despite the heart breaks, don’t give up on love.
  7. Sleep soundly as much as you can. Trust me. You need this. If you can sleep for 9 hours – sleep. If you can sleep more than that – sleep. You won’t be able to sleep as much as you want after college. Trust me because I just had 4 hrs of sleep last night.
  8. Do the things you want to do for yourself. Take that special course, pursue your dreams, learn something new, learn a new hobby. Do it even if someone is stopping you. Do it even if it costs you a heart break. Do it at any cost. Invest in yourself first.
  9. Join college activities. Attend the General Assembly, the math competition, the cheer leading competition, the quiz bee, the book lover’s day, attend as many college activities as you can without sacrificing your academics. Whether you’ll earn an extra point or not, join them!
  10. Appreciate everything, especially the smallest things. It may seem that the world is unfair to you sometimes and this is the time to reflect on the smallest things in life. Then you’ll realize that it is not unfair – you’re just not seeing the good things the world offered you in a day. You might not get something you want but something offered what you need – may be it a seat in the bus or even just a simple smile. Appreciate the smallest things and everything in your life will be wonderful.
  11. It’s okay to be hurt. The friends you will meet today will decrease incredibly over time. There will be friends who will betray you and leave you in hurtful feelings. It’s okay. Get up and keep moving. Cherish who will stay by your side because they will keep their word until their last breath. Let other people leave and take care of who will stay. Sometimes you will not to be able to reach what is required of you or you are not able to do a task which is crucial to the overall result of something you want to achieve, it’s okay. Start again and keep trying until you actually do.
  12. It’s okay to be heartbroken. Emphasizing this because you will encounter different heartbreaks overtime. There will be a love that you though would be the last, a love that you though would love you back, a love that made you feel the love you deserve – and every one of these failed. You’ll be broken, you’ll cry your eyes out, and it’s okay. Wipe your tears and get going. Life’s worth it all.
  13. It’s okay to fail. Emphasizing this because also because failures are part of success. You will fail and continue failing over time. But the important this is you’re getting stronger and better. The next time you try, you’ll surely succeed. So shake it off and keep going.
  14. Focus on what’s important. As what I’ve said, invest in yourself first. Never mind the other things – just focus on your goal.
  15. Focus on what you want to become in the future. Do you want to become a businessman? or a blogger? or an artist? or a entrepreneur? List a series of tasks you will do everyday to do something about your dream. Focus on the overall result and never mind what comes along the way. Heartbreaks? Failures? Rejections? Conquer it all. Don’t mind them. Just focus on what you want.
  16. It’s okay to be lost. You’ll be confused. You’ll ask many questions about what you are doing. It’s okay. Question yourself all you want and even try to find the answers through activities (travel). If you don’t find it, don’t worry. It will pop-up your head at the right time. It’s okay to slack off a bit and wonder  about your plans. After that, recover yourself. Keep going.
  17. Don’t mind what others say. Keep your eyes focused on your goal and keep your ears only to the voices that will help you along the way. Negative vibes are not welcome!
  18. Do the best you can and then take a day off. It’s okay to slack off after a day of hard work. Take the time off and relax! It’s okay to step out of your throne and go swimming once in a while. Not only you will regain strength from doing so but you will also find inspiration out of a refreshed mind.
  19. Nurture life. Dear, life is full of wonders. Enjoy it while it lasts. 🙂
  20. Someone will love you for who you are. Yes, someone will. That’s why I am telling you to never give up on love. Just love the best way you can every time. It will be worth it at the end. Don’t rush it – I know you’re asking ‘when?’ at this moment. Unfortunately, I can’t answer that. But I can assure you, it will be so magically wonderful you’ll know and feel it in your heart. All your being will be caught up in the moment and you’ll know it for sure.
  21. Remember that God is all. Through your success and hardships, God will always be there giving all your needs that any human force can’t give you. He will use people in your life to make you feel that He is there but when you feel there’s no one just close your eyes and meditate in His love. Let your body accept His embrace, your heart accept His love. You are His greatest creation and He will use you to spread His greatest gift to the world – LOVE.

PS. Day 7 came earlier than Day 6 because I’m currently brewing something new for Day 6 and I am taking my time for it. 😉 Keep in touch!

With all my love,


How to Walwal on your 21st (K-Style)

Day 5: Share a time you felt down and what happened after

Day 5 topic is as sad as hell and you don’t wanna read that as much as I do. You know me, I like breaking the rules. I’ll skip this and just write a recent event I felt happy. Everyone wants to happy. (Jollibee Bee happy!)

My Bestfriend’s “Kdrama Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” 21st Birthday Celebration

If you want to have a unique birthday bash and you just want to spend it with the most special people in your life (or you just don’t have that much budget), then I best recommend a night out at the busiest business districts around Manila like we did for our best friend Angel.


  • Qualify your resources – does someone in your circle of friends own a place around Makati or BGC? If none, how much would each one be willing to contribute for the place? I best recommend properties around Makati Avenue (Makati) or High Street (BGC). You can rent a GOOD place as low as Php 2,000 – 3,000 accompanied with free use of property amenities. For our case, it happened that I am renting a place in Makati which is also near Makati Ave (just a few blocks away) so we didn’t have a problem with the place.
    • Look for packages with access in amenities – you’ll need it!
    • If the broker/owner has pictures of the unit – ask for it.
    • Don’t forget to ask opinion from people joining you.
    • Secure it & book it!
  • List the Possibilities! – What do you want to do? Do you want a night binge drinking? Bar hopping? Casual Food Trips? Whatever it is, GMG (Google mo, Girl) nearby places and look for possible alternatives. Don’t look for one, two, or even three places. List as many as you can!
  • Time after time – Maximize your time. Allot at least 2 hrs for each destination (if you have many especially if you opt to do bar hopping or food trips). It’s best if the places in your itinerary are near each other that you can walk going there so traffic won’t eat your time.


  • Just stick with the schedule! Well, me & my best friend are always and forever late so instead of starting at 2pm as originally planned, they actually reached our place at 5pm, nice right? We started right away while Mark (someone’s special someone – can’t mention here; issues will come out hahahaha jk) was still cookin’ our food for the night. We didn’t have all the time to do everything overnight but we were able to do the important stuff with our time (catching up, and beauty secrets sharing of course heh heh)


  • Take out the trash & leave no evidence. No explanations needed. Have a little shame, friend. Clean up your trash!
  • Follow up Walwal. You’ll miss it. Follow up the continuation walwal ASAP!

For Angel’s 21st Birthday: our itinerary was not planned, we just went with whatever was available. We did a little catch up while swimming and we decided to stroll and buy more food even if we still had Mark’s cooked food just slightly eaten. Yes, we bought Korean foods at Assi Mart Korean Grocery along Makati Ave. near A.venue. If you plan to have a food adventure, you can include A.venue on your list – you can find so many interesting restaurants there.

Look at what we bought! (Shout out to whomever that extra feet belongs)

Sharing you our pics and snaps of our adventure!



A Woman of Faith

Day 4: Share your religious views

To talk about my religious views about Catholic faith would stir a lot of sub-discussions. By all means, if I were given a chance to choose my religion, I’d still choose to be Catholic over and over again.

Let me show you a blog I wrote on my previous site. I am going to showcase you this blog because this is one of the greatest struggles in my life. I am a hopeless romantic and I will always be one. I was desperately looking for the perfect love that I didn’t notice God’s love was chasing me. I loved so many wrong people and got hurt so many times but then I always run to God; every time I got better.

Here’s the blog:

Open Letter for The Women of My Age
Posted on April 5, 2016
Stop begging for love. Stop waiting for that text that will never come. Stop waiting for that return call. Stop thinking you are not enough. Stop thinking you are worthless. Stop asking someone of your worth. Stop waiting for someone who never even bothered to look at you. Stop begging for him to notice you, stop begging for him to come back, stop begging for him to stay, stop begging for him to say he loves you back. Stop. Just Stop.

You don’t need to beg. Because it is already given to you. Even before you were born, He has given you love more than what you are begging for. Stop waiting for that text because someone is always knocking on your heart just to hear your voice, just to make you talk to him – no matter how much you ignore Him. Stop thinking you are worthless because someone gave his all just to be with you – just to save you. Stop asking someone of your worth because someone called you His even after all your failures, mistakes, sins. Someone is proud of your broken little pieces, your shattered broken heart that in this condition, He pours out his love so you can heal – only if you let him. Don’t go to your neighbor to ask for your worth, go to your creator. He knows your true worth because He made you. You did things that hurt others? He would say “I love you” You did things to hurt yourself? He would say “I love you.” You think you’re not enough because someone left you? What about Him who never left your side, what about Him who uses your broken pieces to bless others because you are a blessing to Him? Stop begging for little dose of love because He has given you enormous, unconditional, irrevocable love. You deserve that. Believe you deserve that because even if you close your heart for his love, it’s still flowing unto you like a storm. And once you open up your heart for it, then you would know that His love goes beyond the depths of the Earth.


As a lost-but-now-found woman, this is what religion means to me. It’s more than just a way of life or a belief of an everlasting God. It’s more than the catechisms and doctrines. It is a feeling of safety because there’s a Father who will protect you, a feeling of being loved because there’s a He who is love, a feeling of forgiveness because there’s a He who is mercy, a feeling of being appreciated, a feeling that you can do and achieve everything you ever dreamed of because He is your creator.

Being a Catholic is walking in the path God walked, loving other as much as He loves, and  leading others to do the same.

The Non-Alcoholic Guide to Drinking

Day 3: Write about your experience with drugs or alcohol (your own or not!)

I was introduced to alcohol as early as 7th grade from set of friends whose idea of a good time is getting drunk. For the record, I have no history of getting so drunk I passed out. Except for the time when my brother and our angel (helper at home) told me I vomited a whole hot dog on Christmas of 2014. Don’t hate – I was nursing a broken heart that time. I actually don’t have any memory of that and I don’t want to remember.

I am not drinking anymore – I drink but not a lot like how much I was drinking way back 7th grade and I really don’t know how it feels to be drunk.

I want to share this to non-drinkers like the new boring me: The Non-Alcoholic Guide to Drinking. Here it goes!

  • Water is your best friend. You can always rely on water so you can get along drinking sesh without binge drinking. Remember, your alcohol tolerance is as low as the grass below. Don’t push it, hun. At this point of time – or all time, stick with water!
  • Pretend with Juice. If your friends keep on insisting you drink (if they’re your true friends I bet they will REALLY insist – based on my collection of best friends – depends on who your friends are), then upgrade your colorless cocktail to something which looks like some paintbrush was dipped unto. This will give low satisfactory to your besties, but at least you’re not drinking water anymore.
  • Bring along 5-10 stories. Not just ordinary day-to-day stories but those which are lengthy and will take you at least 45 minutes to finish. Make sure they’re as entertaining as telenovelas – pour down some of your acting skills and you’re good to be excused. Hope they won’t notice that’s already your 5th pass. 
  • The perfect time to have balisawsaw. This is the perfect time to go to the bathroom as many as you can to excuse yourself from drinking. Remember, the goal is not get drunk because you will be dancing off your shoes with just one shot and you can’t do that because you need to go home by the time mom texts you.

  • One sip fits all. Reserve this one for the ultimate no-escape persistence of friends, peer pressure, or you simply just wanna taste the alcohol (you’ll regret it as soon as you taste it).

This is for all the guys & gals out there who are non-drinkers but just wanna have a TGIF kind of night with the best besties around the world. Don’t be a drunkard. Stay in school.



10 Tips to become the BEST You in 10 years (or less)

Day 2 Challenge is all about sharing what I think I’ll become in 10 years – but instead of telling you all about myself, let me just share with you 10 things I do right now to become who and what I want to be in 10 years.

  1. List down your biggest WHYs. No matter how ridiculous or impossible it sounds, just write it. It doesn’t matter how long or short a time you think you will achieve it. It doesn’t matter how many. Just write everything your mind tells you. Look at it every beginning of the day. Reflect on it saying ‘ I will make these happen one by one each day.’
  2. Set Impossible Goals. Have a dream board and style it as much as you want. You can categorize them in to 5 categories – faith, family, financial, service, and career. (I got this from my Dad) Put a picture of your dream car and dream house; a happy portrait of your family; your face in a body that ensembles what you want to become in the years to come. Then post it somewhere you can see everyday.
  3. Pursue your Passion! By this time, I think you know what you really want to do in your life. Do you want to become a writer like I do? or an Entrepreneur? or a Youtuber! Whatever it is, do it. Just aim for it and do it. Know that you are loving yourself more and more each day when you decide to do what you love to do.
  4. Do something about it everyday. May it be a small or big step – just keep track of it. Write down what step you took today for your dreams. Did you finally finish the chapter of your novel? Did you let your friends know you are starting your own business and sell your stuff to them – see if they are interested?
  5. Stand up, Brush it off, Keep Going! Everyone makes mistakes! Do not be afraid to commit one. If you stumble upon a rock, it’s okay! Stand up, brush it off, and keep going! In every fall, you become stronger and stronger so let the failures come! You’ll overcome it anyway!
  6. Believe you can and you will. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Out of all the people in this world, you should be the first one to believe that you can achieve your dream! As what Cinderella always say, have courage and be kind. You are God’s most loved child – who can stop you now?
  7. Keep your eyes on the goal. Everyone has something to say. If you wear conservative clothes, people would talk about how baduy you are or how conservative you are. If you wear showy clothes, people would talk about how slutty you look. If you wear nothing, people would still talk about you. Point is, it’s a democratic world and people would say as much as they want to. Don’t listen any way. Remember, you’re too busy achieving your dreams! You don’t have time for telltales or gossips.
  8. Enjoy your progress! If you have achieved something, celebrate it! Treat yourself to something you are craving for a long time. If you feel like taking a day off, go take the day off! Don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t push yourself too much. Take the time off, do something which will motivate you – run a mile or eat an ice cream – doesn’t matter, then get back to work feeling energized & inspired. Enjoy the journey, dear. Don’t forget to have fun!
  9. Always give an extra. In whatever you do, always give 100% and an extra 1%. Write an article then share it to the your audience. Message people whom you’ve mentioned in the blog informing them about it. By then, you’ll just not increase your audience but make these people they’re part of your inspiration to achieve your dreams. Let your clients know about your new product then let them try. Add a personal touch and give them something they would appreciate in return of the time they spent for your presentation. Just things like these.
  10. Trust God and everything will follow! You have THE greatest lucky charm embedded in your heart. Keep Jesus in your heart and in whatever you do and everything will fall as you’ve never imagined – even better!

I wish you all the best in every dream you are achieving right now. I know that you will become the best YOU through all the years that will pass by and I am grateful to be part of that success! I’d love to hear your success stories in the future!



Never Change, My Bests.

To my two best friends, You’ve been a part of my life and you will always be.
To Jed, you’ve always been the brother, protector, safe place to where I run to when the world hurts me. We don’t talk too much but when we do, it’s still and always the same relationship. We’re busy with the events happening in our life but deep inside we know that that connection is instilled Thank God you’re my best friend and thank you for always choosing to stay. I’m a stubborn one but you still choose to guide and care for me. Sometimes it feels like it’s a repetitive process with me but still you don’t mind. You’ve always been my safe haven. I’m sorry for all the events I missed and all the times I didn’t have the chance to spend with you. Now that you’re busy with your own life, I just want you to know that I will always and will ever be here for anything you need.
To Angel, my sister from another mother, my complete opposite yet the one who understands and accepts me as I am. You are the most wonderful, forgiving, and God-loving woman I’ve ever known. You give out all the love to the world and you deserve every ounce of it back. I always wish wonderful and great things for you; a nice career, a great guy who will love you as much as you deserve to be loved, a great future at whatever you dream of, a wonderful family to be with you for the rest of your life. I will always be looking out for you because I know that it’s my life’s duty to take the best care of you. God placed me in your life to guide you for the things yet unknown and to be with you as you surpass it all, like you always do. You have a kind and giving heart and you always offer it fearlessly to the world. I wish everyone would treat you the same. I wish everyone would know how pure your heart is; that you give 100% and always go an extra mile in everything you do and to everyone in your life. I wish no one would give you the hurts and pains of the world I’ve kept within my scars but this is where you’ll grow as strong as I am – or maybe even stronger. I can’t control that but I promise to be with you through everything.
To both of you, the best of all the people in my life, thank you for completing my life time on Earth. Thank you for always understanding and accepting me no matter how lost I was in the past. Thank you for bothering to shift me to right direction when I seem to be going the wrong way. You have my all. You will always have my all.

I am In Love with A Crazy Guy

P that P (Day 1.1): Explain Your Current Relationship

We met at a very lax and unexpected timing. I first heard his voice when I started my first work at the Top Real Estate Developer in the Philippines (yep, I’m that proud. Introduction should be complete, heh heh). It was yet the manliest and bitter sweet and smooth and husky and comforting voice I’ve ever heard. It felt familiar. It felt like he existed a long time ago in my life and now it’s the perfect time to meet each other again.  Let’s just call him Alden Maurer – because he looks like Alden Richards and Mario Maurer (in my eyes – jk, really) Not to be boasting about his looks whatsoever but he really looks like the mix of the two personas. I was still taken when we met – stranded with my ex and I was forbidden to do so many things and be friends with so many people. It finally ended and I was left broken – but I stood up as soon as I realized that I was better off without him. I became a free woman, atlast! Then that’s where we became friends. I started answering his texts and calls and we talked about everything. There was never a dull moment with him – until now. But I assure you our relationship was pure friendship, he was still in a relationship that time. I would cry and tell him everything my mouth could utter for my broken and lost heart and he would share problems and heartaches also of his relationship. Our experiences and hurts were the same so it was easy to understand and guide each other. Yup, we really started as friends and it’s the best foundation when you want a relationship that lasts. Take it from me, I learned that just now in my relationship with Alden Maurer.

Fast forward, January 7 of this year, under the dancing lights under the glimmering post-Christmas night, he asked me to marry him…. just kidding! He asked me to be his girlfriend. He was about to get into his knees but I stopped him – was too shy and was too kilig. So then, the adventure began! We’re turning 9mos on the 7th of October and we still have so many adventures to do!

And.. That’s just the introduction. Hahaha! So to explain my current relationship: It’s true what they say, the scars from all the hurts and the x number of times you fell on the broken fragments of your broken heart will be gone when the one who will make you feel the love that you truly deserve. You will start to realize that it’s worth it. He’s worth it. and that God has broken you over and over again so you can love him the way he also deserves and absorb the love He will show through him through your cuts. So that you will realize that God has prepared the best for you.

Our relationship is simple but it has mysterious and wonderful ways of making us feel loved and showing us how to love. It doesn’t compose of expensive gifts and extravagant dates (we even have a budget for our dates) but it has ambitious dreams and plans for the future. It is not known by many people but it consists of true friendship shared through laughter which made our eyes cry out of joy.

He’s my best friend, body guard, macho papa, sugar daddy, punching post, bite post, my one and only, the love of my life, and the one who I want to be with for each and every day of my life.

I am in love with a crazy, weirdo, funny guy and he’s all I ever wanted.

I love you, My Alden Richards and Mario Maurer.

Pursue that Passion (P that P): Prologue

On the 90th day before Christmas of 2017, I decided to take not 1, not 2, but 3 30-day challenges. It’s my first try and I want to really challenge myself so I am pushing myself to do such quantity. I am always a blogger at heart but I don’t have the discipline and motivation to write and write everyday. I am a lot like some of you, I still don’t have enough trust and confidence on myself and my talents. I tend to take the negativity inside eat me alive. People who know me very well will agree with this. But I am striving; I am writing and will write what I feel anyway. I think ending this year with a changed self would be a great start for the next year to come. This is the time to be courageous and take that step forward.
This is my step forward.
Be with me as I go on this exciting and challenging venture of my life.
Sharing you the 30 day challenges I picked.

For this part, I will be doing it in calligraphy.

Take a step forward and do it also!