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Why You Should Love A Business Major

Day 8: Share your educational attainment and why you chose it

Who does not want to be loved? Whatever your major is or whoever you are, you deserve your forever love. I’m a Business Major (and also dating a Business Major) and this is a little biased but let me just tell you 5 reasons why we are also worth your love. 😉

  1. We just don’t plainly do it, we strategically plan it. Forever is feasible with us because we don’t just do whatever we want to do – we don’t love just for the sake of loving; We analyze every situation, consider every detail, and we plan and schedule every move (through Gantt Chart) to make you insanely happy and in love through all the times we’re going to be together. tumblr_oizi4xGDFu1vc125zo1_500.gif
  2. We just don’t plan, we make it happen. In business, trial and error has always been the best practice to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the company – what to change, where to improve, and when to implement. Dito palang evident na na we make do of something out of nothing. We turn something (successful or not) out of scratch and we always focus on its winning and losing points (SWOT Analysis) for focal points of improvement. tumblr_o2eflejUxA1twh39ho1_500.gif
  3. We just don’t make it happen, we strive for innovation and improvement. We always, as in always, seek for innovation and improvement in our work. We determine our weaknesses and turn it into strengths. We focus on continuously making ourselves the perfect fit for you (Kaizen). Dude, expect to receive the craziest, wildest, sweetest (the world will be jealous) efforts for you because we always strive for innovation.tumblr_njkmf5nIi81svl1j1o1_500.gif
  4. We just don’t make it fruitful, we implement and evaluate. Business majors will make do of every way possible to capture your heart every moment of your life. But we just don’t make it possible, again, we always pursue for continuous improvement.tumblr_o1br42w8mY1qj4315o1_500.gif
  5. We strive for perfection. We are trained to commit minimal defects per million opportunities (dpmo) (Six Sigma, Lean Management). This says it all. We want everything perfect and best for you – we WILL make ourselves like it; we WILL be it.tumblr_o1n5bisQap1smqfiko1_500.gif

PS. You don’t have to worry about us meeting all the important people in your life – we know how to deal with people – whatever their personalities are and how we should market ourselves and showcase how much we deeply feel for you (all yours, baby! Heart, Mind, and Soul!)  (Business Ethics and Good Governance, Human Resource Management, Human Behavior in Organizations, Marketing and Advertising Management) 

Why not love a business major so you can have your forever – defined, measured, analyzed, improved, and controlled? 😉 (DMAIC Approach) 


PS. This is copied from my old blogsite –

Dear, Love.

September 18, 2017

To my sunshine after the rain, hot bath during a cold rainy eve, cold sip of water in a hot sunny afternoon, mango in the middle of sushi, filling inside an oreo, sweet flowing chocolate syrup inside a cake – to the best and greatest grace I ever deserved, I am all and in every way yours forevermore and what ever goes beyond. I will always be grateful how God has timed your presence in my life – how, out of my sorrow, your voice slowly lingered through my being and swept away every glass pieces embedded sharply – oh you know how much I’m vulnerable. I always felt how rough it became – like the pavement where your hands slipped which made your skin turn pink, the x number times somebody carelessly pressed on my fresh wounds like they didn’t hear my cries. The moment you landed little soft kisses on my shoulder, everything felt blank. It was blank but it was not empty. It was blank but it didn’t hurt me. It was blank and you embraced me. With every moment your skin brushed against mine and your lips find mine, I dissolve in your blissfulness; and I missed the spot where it used to hurt; I missed the spot where it used to sting; Everything about me turned into perfectness, like what you brought to my life. Like what you are. And I am no longer me. I am all and will now ever be your other half.

You have all my love.