Never Change, My Bests.

To my two best friends, You’ve been a part of my life and you will always be.
To Jed, you’ve always been the brother, protector, safe place to where I run to when the world hurts me. We don’t talk too much but when we do, it’s still and always the same relationship. We’re busy with the events happening in our life but deep inside we know that that connection is instilled Thank God you’re my best friend and thank you for always choosing to stay. I’m a stubborn one but you still choose to guide and care for me. Sometimes it feels like it’s a repetitive process with me but still you don’t mind. You’ve always been my safe haven. I’m sorry for all the events I missed and all the times I didn’t have the chance to spend with you. Now that you’re busy with your own life, I just want you to know that I will always and will ever be here for anything you need.
To Angel, my sister from another mother, my complete opposite yet the one who understands and accepts me as I am. You are the most wonderful, forgiving, and God-loving woman I’ve ever known. You give out all the love to the world and you deserve every ounce of it back. I always wish wonderful and great things for you; a nice career, a great guy who will love you as much as you deserve to be loved, a great future at whatever you dream of, a wonderful family to be with you for the rest of your life. I will always be looking out for you because I know that it’s my life’s duty to take the best care of you. God placed me in your life to guide you for the things yet unknown and to be with you as you surpass it all, like you always do. You have a kind and giving heart and you always offer it fearlessly to the world. I wish everyone would treat you the same. I wish everyone would know how pure your heart is; that you give 100% and always go an extra mile in everything you do and to everyone in your life. I wish no one would give you the hurts and pains of the world I’ve kept within my scars but this is where you’ll grow as strong as I am – or maybe even stronger. I can’t control that but I promise to be with you through everything.
To both of you, the best of all the people in my life, thank you for completing my life time on Earth. Thank you for always understanding and accepting me no matter how lost I was in the past. Thank you for bothering to shift me to right direction when I seem to be going the wrong way. You have my all. You will always have my all.

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