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Day 4: Share your religious views

To talk about my religious views about Catholic faith would stir a lot of sub-discussions. By all means, if I were given a chance to choose my religion, I’d still choose to be Catholic over and over again.

Let me show you a blog I wrote on my previous site. I am going to showcase you this blog because this is one of the greatest struggles in my life. I am a hopeless romantic and I will always be one. I was desperately looking for the perfect love that I didn’t notice God’s love was chasing me. I loved so many wrong people and got hurt so many times but then I always run to God; every time I got better.

Here’s the blog:

Open Letter for The Women of My Age
Posted on April 5, 2016
Stop begging for love. Stop waiting for that text that will never come. Stop waiting for that return call. Stop thinking you are not enough. Stop thinking you are worthless. Stop asking someone of your worth. Stop waiting for someone who never even bothered to look at you. Stop begging for him to notice you, stop begging for him to come back, stop begging for him to stay, stop begging for him to say he loves you back. Stop. Just Stop.

You don’t need to beg. Because it is already given to you. Even before you were born, He has given you love more than what you are begging for. Stop waiting for that text because someone is always knocking on your heart just to hear your voice, just to make you talk to him – no matter how much you ignore Him. Stop thinking you are worthless because someone gave his all just to be with you – just to save you. Stop asking someone of your worth because someone called you His even after all your failures, mistakes, sins. Someone is proud of your broken little pieces, your shattered broken heart that in this condition, He pours out his love so you can heal – only if you let him. Don’t go to your neighbor to ask for your worth, go to your creator. He knows your true worth because He made you. You did things that hurt others? He would say “I love you” You did things to hurt yourself? He would say “I love you.” You think you’re not enough because someone left you? What about Him who never left your side, what about Him who uses your broken pieces to bless others because you are a blessing to Him? Stop begging for little dose of love because He has given you enormous, unconditional, irrevocable love. You deserve that. Believe you deserve that because even if you close your heart for his love, it’s still flowing unto you like a storm. And once you open up your heart for it, then you would know that His love goes beyond the depths of the Earth.


As a lost-but-now-found woman, this is what religion means to me. It’s more than just a way of life or a belief of an everlasting God. It’s more than the catechisms and doctrines. It is a feeling of safety because there’s a Father who will protect you, a feeling of being loved because there’s a He who is love, a feeling of forgiveness because there’s a He who is mercy, a feeling of being appreciated, a feeling that you can do and achieve everything you ever dreamed of because He is your creator.

Being a Catholic is walking in the path God walked, loving other as much as He loves, and  leading others to do the same.


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