How to Walwal on your 21st (K-Style)

Day 5: Share a time you felt down and what happened after

Day 5 topic is as sad as hell and you don’t wanna read that as much as I do. You know me, I like breaking the rules. I’ll skip this and just write a recent event I felt happy. Everyone wants to happy. (Jollibee Bee happy!)

My Bestfriend’s “Kdrama Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” 21st Birthday Celebration

If you want to have a unique birthday bash and you just want to spend it with the most special people in your life (or you just don’t have that much budget), then I best recommend a night out at the busiest business districts around Manila like we did for our best friend Angel.


  • Qualify your resources – does someone in your circle of friends own a place around Makati or BGC? If none, how much would each one be willing to contribute for the place? I best recommend properties around Makati Avenue (Makati) or High Street (BGC). You can rent a GOOD place as low as Php 2,000 – 3,000 accompanied with free use of property amenities. For our case, it happened that I am renting a place in Makati which is also near Makati Ave (just a few blocks away) so we didn’t have a problem with the place.
    • Look for packages with access in amenities – you’ll need it!
    • If the broker/owner has pictures of the unit – ask for it.
    • Don’t forget to ask opinion from people joining you.
    • Secure it & book it!
  • List the Possibilities! – What do you want to do? Do you want a night binge drinking? Bar hopping? Casual Food Trips? Whatever it is, GMG (Google mo, Girl) nearby places and look for possible alternatives. Don’t look for one, two, or even three places. List as many as you can!
  • Time after time – Maximize your time. Allot at least 2 hrs for each destination (if you have many especially if you opt to do bar hopping or food trips). It’s best if the places in your itinerary are near each other that you can walk going there so traffic won’t eat your time.


  • Just stick with the schedule! Well, me & my best friend are always and forever late so instead of starting at 2pm as originally planned, they actually reached our place at 5pm, nice right? We started right away while Mark (someone’s special someone – can’t mention here; issues will come out hahahaha jk) was still cookin’ our food for the night. We didn’t have all the time to do everything overnight but we were able to do the important stuff with our time (catching up, and beauty secrets sharing of course heh heh)


  • Take out the trash & leave no evidence. No explanations needed. Have a little shame, friend. Clean up your trash!
  • Follow up Walwal. You’ll miss it. Follow up the continuation walwal ASAP!

For Angel’s 21st Birthday: our itinerary was not planned, we just went with whatever was available. We did a little catch up while swimming and we decided to stroll and buy more food even if we still had Mark’s cooked food just slightly eaten. Yes, we bought Korean foods at Assi Mart Korean Grocery along Makati Ave. near A.venue. If you plan to have a food adventure, you can include A.venue on your list – you can find so many interesting restaurants there.

Look at what we bought! (Shout out to whomever that extra feet belongs)

Sharing you our pics and snaps of our adventure!




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