Kremistry: The Perfect Dessert Experiment

October 1, 2017

Here’s a FACT that Bulacan wants everyone to know, it’s a booming food capital. Believe me, you’ll be spoiled with a lot of exciting and unique food shops around the Metro. When I first visited the city, I planned to visit only one unique shop and I ended up visiting 2 shops because they are near with each other. I already booked 2 more interesting restaurants suggested by my extended soon-to-be family Ate Marnie & BJ (thanks for supporting my food junkie adventures! Love you both!), just an FYI. As I was saying, there are countless unique food shops you SHOULD visit around Bulacan. Kremistry is definitely on the list! It is, honestly, the coolest – top of my list (for now) unique food place! You SHOULD and by that I mean, REALLY, REALLY SHOULD visit the place. It will science you out! (Is that even a legal verb?) Kremistry incorporated the use of liquid nitrogen on their dessert creations – mainly ice creams and tasty cake squares. Liquid nitrogen (also known as LN2) is a liquid state which is supercool (200 degrees celsius below zero). It is used for cyropreservation, cyromedicine, and cyrosurgery which can be used to remove cancer tissues. It is also commonly used to freeze benign groths, precancers, and skin cancers. (

Now, is it safe? It’s perfectly safe as long as you follow the rules! 

See that big tank on the right? That’s where the supply of LN2 comes from!

Look at their cool design and how mesmerizing they prepare their desserts! Shout out to all the science lovers out there! I’ll recommend this place especially for you! I was curious on what their desserts tasted like and how they prepared it so I didn’t blink when they were doing it!

And tadaaa, don’t they look yummy enough to dig in?! They’re too perfect to eat! Took me some time before I finally endulged and oh, it tastes like heaven! They also have unique flavors which you never thought can ever exist! Actually, you can choose 2 flavors for their ice cream avalanche (costs you Php 199; good for 3 people) They have a selection of which flavors combines best with what flavor. It will surprise you! Cake squares are also best if you want Instagrammable shots using liquid nitrogen as your prop (scroll down to see what we did!)

And… the fun part! Add liquid nitrogen and it’s winter wonderland! ♥

PS, the liquid nitrogen dip is refillable as many a times as you want!

Ratings: 9/10 Hits of Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream  




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