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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I became a happy customer before I decided to become an Independent Team Leader of Mary Kay. I blog about Mary Kay products for the main reason of sharing to you what it has done for me and what it can do for you. [ ALL TESTIMONIALS ARE PURELY MADE OUT OF INTEGRITY]

Mary Kay CC Cream SPF15 Review is my first ever beauty product review blog and you’ll find out why. 

I haven’t imagine myself blogging about beauty products and look where we are right now! I believe that I can’t share enough knowledge about beauty but I need to share to you this product.

I tried so many liquid, cream, and everything foundation ever since I started digging out make-up from my Mom’s Kikay Kit. She had sooo many it’s fun just to look at ’em! I had never found a perfect product best suited for my skin – oily, sweats a lot, and had skin imperfections need to be covered. Until Mom gave this product for me to try.

Fresh Make-Up | Makati – QC (via Bus) 

This is what I usually put on my face every single day:

  • Mary Kay CC Cream Very Light SPF15
  • Mary Kay Perfecting Concealer Light Ivory
  • Mary Kay Brow Liner Brunette
  • Mary Kay Cheek Color Shy Blush
  • Mary Kay Lipstick Tranquil Toffee

You see, I’ve put all my trust to the brand to the extent that everything I use and recommend is Mary Kay. 😉

Let us zoom in to the foundation – Mary Kay CC Cream Very Light SPF15. Today, I conducted a Skin Care Class at Quezon City Hall and took the opportunity to test out the no-hulas effect of Mary Kay CC Cream. FYI, I took the public transportation for the whole day to see what would be the effect when exposed to dirt, sunlight, sweat, and extreme humid air.

Just arrived at QC! Had to walk a little from my drop off point because the Main Building is situated on the center.

QC to Greenbelt via Bus

Banas face because of extreme heat & the naughty kid beside me. Woops, no retouch allowed!

Greenbelt 1

Touch down Greenbelt! I had to tie up my hair because I was covered in full sweat from walking from the bus drop-off point beside SM Makati to Greenbelt 1. Woops, no retouch allowed pa rin! 

Greenbelt 1 to Reposo via Jeep

Wrapping my day off! Sooo, the myth was true! No hulas effect for me kahit na grabe pagpawisan. I think Mary Kay CC Cream SPF15 has done it for my skin. This is the product for me! Very amazed of the finish of the product on my skin even after a long, tiring, commuting day.


Mary Kay CC Cream SPF15 has 2 shades:

Mary Kay CC Cream in Very Light

Perfect for light complexions like mine.

Mary Kay CC Cream in Light to Medium

Perfect for beautiful morena skin.

Mary Kay CC Cream SPF15 benefits summarized:

  • Light-weight Coverage
  • Hydration
  • Moisturization
  • Has SPF15 for sun protection
  • Brightens the complexion
  • Lessens redness of the skin
  • Defends against skin-damaging radicals
  • Anti-aging

I would recommend this over any other products; it has been working for me and I know it will work for you too. My only time to retouch is to apply some powder and that’s it. This product has made it possible for me to look my best even I am always – and I mean always – in sweat. (Humid air in the Philippines is to blame) Most of all: it has everything, not just to cover my skin but to protect and nurture my skin as well. 😉

Be your own beautiful,

Elli Evangelista


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