Massive, Delicious, Healthy, Irresistible Burgers | H.I.D. Burgers, Makati, PH

October 7, 2017

Makati is known as the Central Business District of Manila. It caters a lot of BPO, Real Estate, and Consulting Businesses. Given these facts, almost 80% of the population live and/or work in Makati. Hence, the traffic. Hence, the pollution. Despite all that, the city still offers great experience in food and beverage places with numerous innovative food businesses around the area.

I am a South girl and I will always be. I just have to live in Makati because my body doesn’t carry enough energy to come to work in Makati (now in BGC) from Cavite and then vice versa. #CaviteGirlProblems Time after time, I am amazed of new discoveries by living here. I discovered remote places which offers quality Korean Food, Mexican Food, Street Foods (which I rarely see here). I also recently discovered a shortcut going to North BGC from Kalayaan, the infamous ‘Butas’ known to cater those who are late for work and offer petsa de peligro meals for all. For almost a year of living here, I only visited a couple of restaurants around Makati Ave. and Ayala Ave. because it still takes so much time going home even if you’re just less than 5kms away.

One of these excellent restaurants is Healthy and Irresistibly Delicious (H.I.D) Burgers. It is a small place located at Caltex Gas Station facing Export Bank in Malugay, Makati City. If you’re coming from Dela Rosa, it’s a one jeep ride going to Makati Ave. If you’re coming from Ayala Station/SM Makati/Glorietta, it’s also a one jeep ride going to Washington.


I am not a fan of burgers but H.I.D Burgers taught me how to love ’em. With just 250php, you have a sumptuous meaty burger and potato wedges which will make you forget your problems. It will instantly be a rewarding day with every bite.

Look at them hot buns! It looks small but never underestimate the power of a 1/4 or 1/3 pound of pure meat! It’s so delicious and savory you’ll not notice you’re just halfway through it but your belly is ready to burst. (Well I just had a 1/4 pound bacon & mushroom melt delivered at my doorstep for dinner (Thanks Foodpanda!) and I still feel heavy but I’m craving for more heh heh heh – I can hear my bae saying kakain ka nanaman, kakakain mo lang!)

I have been to many burger places influenced by people around me who likes them (or sometimes I go because it’s free) but H.I.D. ranks Most Affordable and Meaty of all. It’s obviously mouthwatering and suprisingly belly-bursting!

That weird looking burger was ordered by my Mom. She’s pretty much into anything healthy. Good thing they offer this so we can ask her to eat with us and don’t have to sneak out just to eat here. One more point for H.I.D. Burgers – Certified Mom Approved!

Bacon & Mushroom Melt – super duper meaty patty – can be single patty or double patty or 1/4 pound or 1/3 pound – however you like it! Double it up with sumptuous wedges. Oh, heaven!!!

Look at these piranhas!

Their eating faces show my ratings for this food hub!

And this is mine! Bacon and Mushroom Melt 1/4 Pound Double Patty  and that mouthful says it all! Homnomnomnom *strange noises*

If you’re looking for a great eat-out and you’re a burger kinda guy, you’ll enjoy your time here! I highly recommend HID Burgers!



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