I am In Love with A Crazy Guy

P that P (Day 1.1): Explain Your Current Relationship

We met at a very lax and unexpected timing. I first heard his voice when I started my first work at the Top Real Estate Developer in the Philippines (yep, I’m that proud. Introduction should be complete, heh heh). It was yet the manliest and bitter sweet and smooth and husky and comforting voice I’ve ever heard. It felt familiar. It felt like he existed a long time ago in my life and now it’s the perfect time to meet each other again.  Let’s just call him Alden Maurer – because he looks like Alden Richards and Mario Maurer (in my eyes – jk, really) Not to be boasting about his looks whatsoever but he really looks like the mix of the two personas. I was still taken when we met – stranded with my ex and I was forbidden to do so many things and be friends with so many people. It finally ended and I was left broken – but I stood up as soon as I realized that I was better off without him. I became a free woman, atlast! Then that’s where we became friends. I started answering his texts and calls and we talked about everything. There was never a dull moment with him – until now. But I assure you our relationship was pure friendship, he was still in a relationship that time. I would cry and tell him everything my mouth could utter for my broken and lost heart and he would share problems and heartaches also of his relationship. Our experiences and hurts were the same so it was easy to understand and guide each other. Yup, we really started as friends and it’s the best foundation when you want a relationship that lasts. Take it from me, I learned that just now in my relationship with Alden Maurer.

Fast forward, January 7 of this year, under the dancing lights under the glimmering post-Christmas night, he asked me to marry him…. just kidding! He asked me to be his girlfriend. He was about to get into his knees but I stopped him – was too shy and was too kilig. So then, the adventure began! We’re turning 9mos on the 7th of October and we still have so many adventures to do!

And.. That’s just the introduction. Hahaha! So to explain my current relationship: It’s true what they say, the scars from all the hurts and the x number of times you fell on the broken fragments of your broken heart will be gone when the one who will make you feel the love that you truly deserve. You will start to realize that it’s worth it. He’s worth it. and that God has broken you over and over again so you can love him the way he also deserves and absorb the love He will show through him through your cuts. So that you will realize that God has prepared the best for you.

Our relationship is simple but it has mysterious and wonderful ways of making us feel loved and showing us how to love. It doesn’t compose of expensive gifts and extravagant dates (we even have a budget for our dates) but it has ambitious dreams and plans for the future. It is not known by many people but it consists of true friendship shared through laughter which made our eyes cry out of joy.

He’s my best friend, body guard, macho papa, sugar daddy, punching post, bite post, my one and only, the love of my life, and the one who I want to be with for each and every day of my life.

I am in love with a crazy, weirdo, funny guy and he’s all I ever wanted.

I love you, My Alden Richards and Mario Maurer.


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